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BSOD Shortly After Start Up



Windows 7 64 Bits Keep Go In BSOD


BSOD Happens On Different Processes After Few Min Of Work

Blue Screen Of Death And PC Just Reboots

BSOD After Windows 7 Logo

BSOD If Secondary Disk Is Not Plugged In

BSOD Happens Don't Know How To Troubleshoot Have The SFdebugfiles

BSOD - On My New Gaming PC.

BSOD On New Computer

Need Help BSOD

BSOD A Few Minutes After Reboot

BSOD (help Please) - Up To 5 Times Per Hour.

BSOD Comes And Goes.

BSOD Sleep Mode

Strange BSOD - Once A Week

Black And Blue BSOD's



BSOD Randomly

Blue Screen Dxgmms1.sys Bug Check Code 0x0000003b

3 BSOD Today After Installing Win 7 64bit

Daily Blue Screens - Occur Usually Within Minutes Of StartUp

BSOD After New Installation Of OS


BSOD Often And Random

Hi I Hav Two BSOD And Now It Is Ok.

Random BSoD Even After Clean Graphic Driver Installation

BSOD Again

BSOD Before Starting Windows

BSOD Using USB Serial Port

Random BSOD Problems

BSOD When Attempting To Log In Or Shortly After Logging In

BSOD After I Install A Program

BSOD On New Pc

Random BSOD How To Fix?

Constant BlueScreen Crashes

Sudden BSOD Errors During Any Gameplay

BSOD Issues At Random Times. Please Help

Bsod On Win 7!urgent Help.

Getting Bsod And Computer Running Weird HELP

BSOD When Attempting To Clean Install Win7 64bit Professional

BSOD After New Ram And Formation

BSOD - Windows 7 Starter - PLEASE HELP ME

BSoD Help - Friend Has Been Having Similar Problems As Me

Blue Screen Playing Videogames BCcode 1000007e

1st BSOD

BSOD When I Plug In A Usb

Blue Screen Error Comes All The Time

Random BSOD When I Turn On The Pc

BSOD Without Any Reason On A New PC

Sudden BSOD (wife Cleared Screen So I Don't Have More Info)

Random Blue Screens That Shut Me Down

Bluescreen Please Help

BSOD's In A Matter Of Minutes As Soon As Computer Starts Up.

Total System Lock Up Daily And The Occassional Blue Screen

BSOD- Multi - Random - Checked Disk

BSOD Playing Overwatch

BSOD 5-10 Minutes After Booting Up

BSOD Restarting PC

BSOD Appears Random - Recent Problem

Random BSOD Crashes Over A Couple Months

Pleas Help With BSOD

BSOD From Windows Update

Blue Screen Nvidea Gt 430

Blue Screen Upon Entering Standby

BSOD Frustration

BSOD Whilst Playing Any (demanding) Game

BSOD Whilst Playing Any (demanding) Game

BSOD On Win7 Pro - Pls Advise

Screen Blue

Blue Screen When Start Up With Mouse Usb Plugged In

Help Me With Blue Screen

BSOD Suddenly

Random BSODs Not Associated With Any Particular Process

Blue Screen EVGA 8800 GS

Another Blue Screen Error

BSOD Even After Reimaging

BSOD Every 4 Minutes When Starting Normally - Currently On SAFE MODE

Random BSOD's BCCode 0x124

Getting Random BSOD! Sometimes During Gaming Or Idle!

BSOD Right After Login Error 0x7f Caused By Ntoskrnl.exe+7efc0

Constant BSOD After Windows Log In

BSOD While On Internet

Self-built Gaming PC Having BSODs And Freezes; Can't Pinpoint Cause.

BSOD Upon Coming Out Of Sleep.

Computer Crashes Into Blue Screen After Playing CS GO. WTF?

BSOD Whille Playing Online Games

Blue Screen Event - System Crash And Reload

BSOD Immediately After Connecting To Internet

BSOD's Start Again After Reinstalls Of Win 7 And Updates

BSOD Problems With New Win7 PC

Blue Screen After Updates

Getting A New Set Of BSOD's

BSOD - Twice In 3 Days

BSOD After Log Into Windows

BSOD Problem

BSOD While Watching Youtube

Recurring BSOD

Blue Screen While Playing 0x00000101

BSOD When Shutting Down Or Restarting


BSOD Everytime

BSOD On Windows 7 Startup

BSOD Usually A Few Minutes After Boot

Blue Screen - Help Needed ASAP!

Frequent Daily BSODS. Multiple Errors. Please Help.

Randomely BSOD

BSOD While Playing Video

Win 7 32 BSOD On Shut Down

BSOD While Working In Office.

BSOD Blue Screen Of Death

Blue Screen And No Clue Why.

BSOD After Any Install

BSOD Unable To Find A Solution.

Different Reasons BSOD

Blue Screen Of Deaths (Randomly) On A New Computer

BSOD Whenever I Shutdown

BSOD Happens So Often

BSOD When Playing MOST Steam Games

Hi All! Got BSOD.

Getting BSOD When Alt Tabbing Or Watching A Video On Youtube

BSOD Software Problem

BSOD (Brand New Pc) Attempting To Start Fear 3

A Range Of BSOD Problems Coming From A Faulty Piece Of Hardware

Various BSOD

I've Been Having BSoD Problems For A Couple Of Months Now.

BSOD At System Startup

Three Different Bluescreen Errors

Need Help With Another BSOD

BSOD After Restoring From Standby

BSOD On Boot Up - Can't Get Past Windows Splash Screen

Bsod Memory Upgrad

BSOD After Logging In.

BSOD After My Computer Crash For No Reason

BSOD At Different Times

New Comp Bsod

BSOD During Every Restart

Rapid BSOD Occurs When Trying To Boot

BSOD Occurs When Computer Asleep

Blue Screen. How Delightful.

First BSOD

BSOD Can Only Boot In Safe Mode Using Onscreen K/b Exception Code: 0xc

BSOD At Start Up! :( (updated)

BSOD While Using Chrome And MS Office Applications

Possible BSOD'ing Virus

BSOD Possible Motherboard Failiure / Power Supply?

Help On BSOD

BSOD While Playing Some Games

BSOD On Windows Loadup

Sudden Shut Down And Blue Screen


BSOD Video Display Crashes

Bsod Help

Windows Startup BSOD Loop

New Components - BSOD

New BSOD On Boot

BSOD Randomly

Blue Screen On Start-up Following Latest Win7 Updates

BSOD When Away At Work.

Wireless Connection Issues With Laptop (BSOD Occasionally)

Bsods After Windowes Update

Getting A Light Blue Screen

Variety Of BSODs Randomly And Inconsistent Boot On New Build

BSOD During Sleep

Numerous BSOD Issues.

BSOD Everytime At Startup

BSOD Plus Restart From Sleep Mode And Shutdown Errors

Blue Screen Error

BSOD Constanlty While Gaming Usually

CONSTANT Blue Screens Of Death

BSOD - Help!

BSOD Random Startups. No Program Triggers It.

BSOD While Playing Different Videogames.

Windows 7 X64 Crashs (blue Screen)

BSOD Occurring Intermittently (usually During Browsing)

Random Blue Screens And Reboots

Frequent BSOD

Random BSOD's And Total Freeze's

BSOD No Download For A Long Time

Blue Screen Error On Dell Inspiron System

BSOD When Trying To Connect To A Wireless Network! Help :(

Multiple Different BSODs Custom PC

Random Crashes And BSOD New Comp

Win7 Unexpected Shutdown While On Skype Blue Screen

Blue Screens Several Times A Day.

BSOD After Clean Install On New SSD Drive

Blue Screen And Crashes - Windows 7 Ultimate

Computer Screen Turns Blue On Desktop Startup

Problems Worse - BSOD

Blue Screen After Sleeping

Persisting BSOD Errors

BSOD When Leaving Computer To Sleep

BSOD When Sleep

PLEASE READ BSOD Mostly Graphics And Harddisk Errors.at Random Times

BSOD After Installing New Drivers

BSOD During Mundane Tasks

BSOD Unable To Do It Myself

BSOD Random Appears

Overclocked Computer Blue Screens While Running Non-intensive Game?

Many BSODs

BSOD On Shutdown And Occasionally While Game Is Minimized.

Sudden Bluescreen

Random BSOD Extremly Often And Bios Freeze After Bsod

BSOD - Seems Gpu Related - See Info

BSOD Playing Several Games

Multi BSOD When I Start Up And Random While Working.

Blue Screen Error? Please Help Me Figure Out?

Problems With Programs Not Working And Then BSOD 0x(0*15)3

BSOD When Gaming/transferring Files - Page_Fault_In_NonPaged_Area

What's Causing The BSOD?

BSOD In Win7

Bluescreen After Connecting Xbox 360 Controller

BSOD When Computer Enters Sleep

Blue Screen Of Death While Browsing The Internet

BSOD - Same Symptoms

BSOD While Computer In Sleep Mode.

BSOD Troubles Seem To Be While Playing Games - Different BsOD Codes

BSOD While Playing A Game

Bluescreen Help

Acer 5536 Laptop BSOD

Random Shut Offs With No BSOD

Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit BSOD

3 BSOD's After Memory Upgrade

BSOD When Starting Some Programs

Getting BSOD A Week After Overclock

BSOD And System Restarts

Frequent BSOD On New Machine

My BSOD Experience - Please Help!

BSOD When Cold Boot Everytime All Kinda Of Different Errors

BSOD When Gaming (even After Many Fix Attempts)

Bsod On Acer Aspire One

Computer Shuts Down With BSOD "A Problem Has Occurred And Windows Has

BSOD - After Microsoft Update

BSOD On Win7 Home 64 Bit

BSOD Trying To Start Windows

BSOD Randomly . Need Analyze Help

BSOD While Playing Enderal

Bsod -bad_config

Help Solve BSOD Problem

Some Times BSOD When Login Screen Appears

Set Clockgen Too Fast Then Blue Screen Minidump

BSOD Playing Various Games

Frequent BSOD Errors

BSOD - Please Help :(

Blue Screen After Sleep Mode.

Blue Screen

Shut Down Causes BSOD

BSOD Random When Using Computer

Windows Has Shutdown To Prevent Damage Blue Screen Error

BSOD And Can't Restore

Dropbox Sync Causes BSOD On Windows 7 64bit

New Guy Here With BSOD ;)

Random BSODs When Playing

BSOD Upon Starting Up Computer

BSOD 0x24 Doesn't Get Through Startup

Random Win 7 Home Premium 64bit Restart With Err And Minidump Attached

BSOD After Clean Boot. Please Help!

Infrequent BSOD Causing Restart

BSOD's And Freezes?

BSOD Upon Repair Mode

BSOD When Waking Up After Hibernation

BSOD During Boot Up Only!

BSOD While Using The Computer

BSOD Playing LeagueofLegends

Computer BSOD With Graphic Drivers Installed

BSOD Error

BSOD:s Again.

BSOD On Startup. Pc Used To Run Fine

BSOD Happens Daily At Completely Random Times

BSOD Numerous Times On A New Machine

BSOD In Most Games After Installing New GPU

Lots Of Bsod Issues :(

BLUE SCREEN With The All The Info You Need On A Zip File! Thx In Adva

Windows 7 Random BSOD's

Blue Screen- Windows Starting Logo


BSOD At Shutting Down

Trying To Fix BSOD Before I Deploy!

Windows 7 BSOD

Blue Screen After Woke Up Sleep

Multiple Various BSOD's On New Build

BSOD While Doing Generally Anything

BSOD At High Memory Usage

Number Of BSOD Errors (Mostly When Browsing Internet)

BSOD Occured After Putting The Laptop To Sleep

BSOD Every Day Only At First PC Start!

Random BSOD Error (no Specification As To Why)

BSOD Problem Since Reload Of Windows 7

BSOD Happens Anytime

BSOD Immediately After Formatting To Factory State

BSOD-computer Crashes All The Time

BSOD - Usually On Startup

Blue Screen Error (im A Noob)

BSOD Help?

BSOD During Games And Videos.

PC Bluescreens Randomly When On Windows 7

BSOD At Random Times For Over An Year Now.

BSOD When Pluged In TP-LINK Wireless Adapter And Trying To Connect Wif

BSOD When Hibernating

Unknown Reasons BSOD Crashdump Bleuscreens

Random BSODs On Old System

Blue Screens

BSOD When Sleep/hibernate.

Bootup BSOD - CPU Failure?

BSOD And Random Shutdowns

BOSD Happened Randomly

Reoccuring BSOD On Previously Reliable Workstation

BSOD Occurring Regularly

Different BSOD

BSOD On Sign In Screen

Blue Screen Craches Related To Gupdate Conflict With Display Driver

BSOD And Frozen Screen While Starting Up MW3

How I Fixed My Video Cards Blue Screen Of Death

Different BSOD Every Time.

Fixed My Old BSOD

BSOD During Bootup And Regular PC Use (varied Circumstances)

Several BSOD All Different

BSOD At Random Times When Not Using Computer

Blue Screen. Can Someone Check My Files?

BSOD All The Time For No Apparent Reason

My First Ever Win7 BSOD

BSOD On System Sleep

Random Bsod While Watching A Movie

BSOD On Multiple Users HP Laptops

Bsod. Start Up. Photo Of Error

BSOD That Only Seems To Happen When I Have An On-screen Display On

Getting Several BSOD's (New Harddrive)

BSOD's Occurring Monthly (can Someone Help By Reading This)

Need Help Blue Screen

BSOD With Windows 7 -Gaming


BSOD Occurs Whenever Application Related To Graphics And HDD


BSOD And Crashes On Boot

Win 7 BSOD

BSOD When Shutting Off

BSODs Potentially Caused By SSD

Can A BSOD Guru Please Look At This For Me

BSOD After Sleep/hiberante Win7

Can't Follow BSOD Post Instructions Because Cannot Get To Desktop

BSOD Happens Randomly And Quite Frequent

BSOD When Running Games And Occasionally Upon Windows Login

BSOD Before Shut Down And On Complicated Graphic Operations

Windows Seven BSOD (please Help)

BSOD Every Bootup

Random Bluescreens

BSOD At Any Start Of Windows

Laptop BSOD Crashing

BSOD When Connecting Via Wireless

Win7 64 BSOD On Start Every Time + Showing OS Partition As Unformatted

Many Different BSOD Error Codes. No Idea Why. Can Anyone Help?

BSOD During Random Actions

BSOD After Resuming From Sleep/Hibernation

BSOD Since Windows 7 Upgrade

BSOD In Standby

BSOD While Doing Anything Can Happen Anytime

Virtual PC In Win 7 Beta Blue Screen

3 BSOD In Ten Minutes! I Dont Know The Cause!

BSOD When The Computer Is Not Doing Anything

BSoD While Running YouTube

Blue Screening

BSOD Occurred After Windows7 Updates

BSOD Startup Loop 0x0000007B

Getting BSOD Suddenly Windows 7

BSOD Out Of The Blue

Frequent BSOD And Crashes

BSOD Watching YouTube Video

BSOD When Booting Computer

Windows 7 Blue Scree. HELP Plz =]

BSOD - Games

Gets Bluescreen And New To Coumputers.

BSOD That Says It's Happening Cause Of Memory.

BSOD About 45 Seconds After A Reboot

BSOD After Each Start

BSOD Only After Log In But Not Always Crashes Code124

BSOD Crashed. New Computer :(

BSOD Problem Need Help

New Lenovo G580 BSOD Error

Freezing And Twice A Blue Screen

I Need Help Narrowing Down The Cause Of My Bluescreens

BSOD Whenever I Plug New Monitor In

Random BSOD Win7 X64

Blue Screen After Running Norton Clean Registry Option

BSOD Every Time Coming Back To Computer After Several Hours

BSOD Everytime I Try To Play Any Games.

BSOD Not Triggered By Anything In Specific

Homebuilt System BSOD Everyday

BSOD Playing Any Game

BSOD Before Log In Screen

BSOD - Sudden

BSOD Using Labview. Likely Device/driver Related

Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD

BSOD With A Several Problems

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